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One young man's journey toward Holy Courage...


Holy Courage is saying, "I choose to live set apart and dedicated to Jesus Christ. I will love what He loves and hate what He hates. My life’s purpose and mission are clear. I am His and He is my forever-reward."

The 3-3-3 Challenge

The 3-3-3 Challenge is about bringing our hearts to place of surrender and focus on the heart of God. It’s a challenge for three friends, to fast three meals, for three weeks ~ 3-3-3. It’s about contending for God’s best through prayer and fasting, as a Biblical tool to soften our hearts, repenting of sin, and asking God to move amongst the lost, in our circle of friendships, in the church, in our schools, workplace, and city. Here are some possible ways you and your two other friends could do the 3-3-3 together:

  1. Fast one day each of the three weeks.
  2. Fast three different meals (like dinner Tue/Wed/Thu, or maybe lunch Mon-Fri)
  3. Fast three successive meals (like dinner Tue night, then breakfast and lunch on Wed)

Will you stand with us as part of the 3-3-3 Challenge?

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The #HolyCourage Movement

Throughout history the Spirit of God has invaded earth to redeem, restore, bring life, and at times demonstrate the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men. Some of the most profound legends of Scripture take place when the servants of God imitate the character of God, in the face powerful opposition. These encounters are the fierce and unwavering stands to obey Jesus in the midst of any circumstance, no matter the cost. They are wrapped in humility, and lives dedicated to living undefiled and holy to the Lord. They are the stories Heaven loves most to tell – legends of eternity. The average, the ordinary, at times the forgotten, but always the chosen – men and women of God who love Jesus, love His mission, stand in their hour – with holy courage – to testify to the goodness of God and power of His love in their generation.

Once again, we believe that the Spirit of God is on the move, calling sons and daughters to live lives set apart from the world. To dedicate their minutes, hours, years and lives to His purposes on the planet, and to stand and testify to the goodness of God in this generation. Once again, God is calling His servants to stand – with holy courage – and testify that He is good, that He is returning, and that one day He shall stand upon the earth, for our redeemer lives!

The Holy Courage Movement is about proclaiming the message of Jesus, and calling the Body of Christ to once again stand boldly, that there would be a “distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who fear God and those who do not” (Mal 3:18). Remember that when the servants of God imitate the character of God, there is always a revelation of God to the world.

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Radical Prayer. Radical Obedience. Radical Change.

Check out some awesome why and how-to's.


Cool Prayer Room Ideas:

  • Maps
  • Areas for Journaling
  • Areas for Reading
  • Areas for Artful Expressions
  • Anything that will help you grow closer to Jesus.
  • Check out this prayer app

Pray dangerous prayers! Prayer is the language of heaven in the tongues of earth. Prayer is the means by which we trade our failure, our brokenness, and our limitations, for His strength, His healing, and His power. Prayer is where we get the heart of God for our generation, and the strategies and courage to obediently live out His heart to the world around us.

We encourage pastors and leaders to create a place dedicated for people to come and pray while fasting, or even create a prayer room or closet in your own home, like in War Room. But even if you cannot make it to a place to pray with other people during your fast, we encourage you to step outside to a quiet place or to your car and pray aloud there if possible.


Cool Fasting Books:

Fasting increases our spiritual hunger for God by denying our body its physical substance for a time. It’s like saying, “God I’m starving right now, but I want you even more than I want food, and I’m desperate for you to move in our midst!” Throughout Scripture and history, moves of God are begun and sustained with many saints crying out to God through prayer and fasting (see some of the stories below).

Fasting in Scripture is most commonly done by going without food, but sometimes people who want to participate, but may have other limiting medical or schedule factors, still choose to fast by denying themselves a particular kind of food or activity. If able, we encourage people to fast food as the most pronounced statement of desperate hunger for Jesus.


"God does things to stuff" ~ D. Hogan:

What does Holy Courage mean?

Sometimes the word holy gets confused in a lot spiritual language. We say that to live holy, is to live as Jesus lived. It’s not about a list of “Do’s and Don’ts”, but about dedicating yourself to the life of Christ inside of you. It’s about being set apart, that’s what holiness means. It’s about giving up what you love for what you love more. It’s about taking up your cross and following Jesus – dying to yourself. What we have to realize is there for every “no” in the Christian life, Jesus if offering a bigger “yes!” So if Jesus asks you to do something in order to draw closer to Him, do it. Whether that means giving something up, or moving towards something else, just go for it! Life with Jesus is always the goal! And obedience in the Christian walk is how we say, “I love you Lord”.

Courage is ultimate conviction – no matter the challenge or opposition – to stand consistent with what you know to be true about the nature and character of God. God will never contradict His word – the Bible. So if any issue stands opposed to Scripture, you can know that God’s opinion on the subject is what Scripture says. Any great stand that took place in history did so because someone chose to have courage in the face of persecution. It’s not about “winning” it’s about staying true to God. If we do that, He’ll take care of the rest.

Holy Courage is simply saying, ‘I choose to live set apart and dedicated to Jesus Christ. I will love what He loves and hate what He hates. My life’s purpose and mission are clear. I am His and He is my forever-reward.’

Holy Courage From The Book of Daniel

In the book of Daniel, a couple of the most powerful stories in Scripture are told. In chapter 3 we see an all-powerful king cowering at the courage of three captive slaves. The scene is profound, three guys, an angry king, an idol, and a raging hot furnace. They stand and refuse to bow. Acknowledging the God Most-High as the only sovereign and good God, they are bound and thrown into the fiery furnace. The scene grows more profoundly intense as suddenly a fourth man appears in the fire. Four men, walking around unbound and unburned in the fiery furnace, for all to see.

The book of Daniel is an amazing look into the life of prayer and fasting. Four times we see prayer – corporately, privately, as contending for God’s best through repentance and petition, and finally as spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting over twenty-one days.

If we take a closer look at the book of Daniel, we find that the decision to stand was not a momentary reaction to the king’s decree, but rather a long obedience in the same direction. From the beginning of their captivity, we see that Daniel and his three friends resolved, “not to defile themselves” but rather to be set apart unto the Lord. When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood before the king and the fiery furnace in their moment of holy courage, it was as a culminating statement in their long-term commitment to be dedicated to the Lord. And as a result an entire nation heard of the mighty works of God.

Holy Courage is about choosing to live holy to the Lord, as we read in Daniel, “They chose not to defile themselves…”, and to be set apart to Him, so that the world might see, know, and encounter the living God.

High School and College Students across America are choosing to take an extended time to cultivate Holy Courage leadership.

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